A fun open-source clone of Worms 2


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Warmux is what is known as a 'turn-based artillery game'. Or put another way, it's a clone of the mythic Worms, a game where several teams made up of different animals face off against each other in destructible settings with the objective of being the last ones standing.

But this game is different from Worms, where all the characters are worms, or the open-source Hedgewars, a game filled with hedgehogs. In Warmux, you can choose from a variety of animals that will make up your team. Foxes, penguins, frogs, or even little devils are just a few of the options you'll have when selecting your team.

You'll also find variety in the way you can fight and kill your enemies, as you'll be able to choose weapons from an impressive arsenal: missile launchers, dynamite, hand grenades, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles...and also drills, jet packs, and other funny weapons.

Warmux is a very fun game that's enjoyed best in the company of friends, since you can play with up to five people on the same computer (it's also possible to play over the Internet). All you have to do, like in the original Worms, is take turns using the mouse and start killing each other. It's as simple as it is fun.
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